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Discover How to Apply and Pay for Your WHIA Membership

The Washington homicide investigators Association invites all the investigators of homicide cases to register for membership with them. You stand to benefit a lot from your membership registration as you interact and enjoy the privileges that are recorded to all the Washington homicide investigators Association members. For this reason, the article you’re about to read will endeavor to explain to you both in detail though as brief as possible on the correct process of application, registration and payment for your membership. Therefore, continue reading for you to discover the best way for applying to register and paying for your membership in the Washington homicide investigators Association.

Before you can proceed into payment for your membership it is advisable that you first complete the application process for membership. When you click on the provided link it will take you to A membership page which will help explain to you your eligibility for membership, the network of Washington homicide investigators Association members, and also describe some of the discounts you can receive as a train as a Washington homicide investigators Association member full stop, in addition, you will gain access to the membership database and periodic newsletter email Communications. The page also describes the membership dues that you are required to pay annually and provides you with a membership agreement and affirmation form in which you can commit yourself to the Washington homicide investigator Association member.

Once you are done with the membership page where you have fully understood your roles and responsibilities, the process of registration as destroyed by the page and you have filled in the membership form whereby you have agreed and committed yourself as a member of the Washington homicide investigators Association, you are now free to choose your payment method. You click when I credit card payment link which will take you to the card payment page.

When the Washington homicide investigators Association payment page you check out every item and amount as described in accordance with her membership application and agreement items. From the Checkout point, you will be prompted for your details that will include your email address your first name and last name, your first and second address Lines, the city within which you operate the region and your zip code. You will also be required to kick in your country of residence and your phone number. You can proceed to fill in the details as prompted by the page remembering to give the correct and accurate details.

There is a second method of payment which is by cheque. The Washington homicide investigators Association provides you with an address to which you can Mail your check. For response and feedback to any issues that you may have all questions that you raise the Washington homicide investigators Association provide you with an email address and a phone number which you can call and communicate with the Association leadership and sure enough through their prompt response your needs will be met. This is an Association that really cares for all your needs.

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